SEO & Organic Search Optimization Specialist, Toronto

No Bullshit.

In the world of digital marketing and organic search, if it sounds too good to be true... it probably is.

How about some transparency for a change?



101 Presentations

I'm passionate about organic search, and I want you to be as well. I have given many comprehensive organic search 101 presentations to clients of all walks; let me help you understand why I'm doing something, how I do it, and give you the tools to achieve organic success yourself.

Technical SEO Auditing

No matter the size of your site, I can dig deep and give you a complete overview of your current performance from a technical organic search standpoint; from site speed, to on-page best practices and more.

Keyword & Content Research

Whatever kind of content you're looking to launch, make sure you're backed by in-depth data to prove its worth. Don't build content because you think you have to, build content because you know there are users who need it and will use it.

On-Page Optimizations

I've spent years writing and implementing on-page optimizations for clients from all industries - from stuffy education-speak to hip startups. I'll write on-page optimizations that will function from an organic standpoint as well as fit your brand-speak.

On-Going Consultation

Let's face it, you're going to have questions along the way. I'm here to help you answer those questions and navigate the world of organic search; with on-going consultation you'll be safe in the knowledge that a clear and concise answer is just an e-mail away.


Reporting on your organic success and progress is a very time consuming thing. I'll build you a custom, always up-to-date dashboard to house all your data points and KPIs in one place. This dashboard will be yours forever and will give you the data you need to ensure organic success is always on the horizon.

"Dan's ability to not only conceptualize fantastic new ideas but to then carry them out with precision and enthusiasm are the reason our project continues to thrive. His dedication, leadership and willingness to create not just ideas but also solutions are among his most vital assets."
Casey Lyons
Inside Sales Coordinator, Second City
"I would absolutely recommend Dan. Over the several years I've known him, it is his meticulous commitment to quality that has impressed me the most. Not only has his excellent work yielded proven results across projects and platforms, but he is a great person and real team player."
Irme Chan
Project Coordinator, Thomson Reuters