Spotify Playlists

Looking for my playlists? Well, Spotify makes it hard to browse them and I’ve got a lot, so here’s a vaguely organized chunk of my playlists for you to peruse.

Let me know if you dig any of ‘em!

Yearly Favs (Year-Long Catch-All Versions)

Every year, as I listen to new albums throughout the week, I will place one track from each album that I dug in any way, shape or form onto a year-long “Long List” playlist. This is by no means a “best of” but more just a way to track everything that has caught my ears throughout the year. I eventually whittle these down to a manageable 50-songs or so for a year-end list. Anyway, if you’re interested in hitting shuffle on these playlists, here ya go!

Power Hours:

These “power hours” are by no means set in stone – they aren’t here to be a perfect encapsulation of an artist’s career, but rather a fun way to get an overview of what an act may sound like. I generally attempt to use tracks from all eras of a band’s life but in some regards where an act has been around for a loooong time this is impossible. I welcome any and all debate about what is or is not on these as well! Get at me.

Collaborative Discovery

Themed Lists

Soundtracks & Albums (Re-Creations)

The Dean of American Rock Critics: Robert Christgau’s Dean Lists